My So-Called Life, in more ways than one…

I was helping a student on the reference desk at work today, which is a joyful experience full of endless surprise learning. The things I have learned assisting students with their research could fill a book. This is why librarians are founts of useless knowledge.

Anyway, a session in researching the therapeutic properties of landscapes somehow ended up in a discussion of superhero movies. It sometimes happens. And amid this discussion of superhero movies we landed on Suicide Squad and Jared Leto as the Joker. At which point I sighed, ‘ahhh, Jordan Catalano’ – and received a blank look from my barely-out-of-nappies student.

Readers of roughly my age will know precisely what I mean. I had many a poster of Jordan Catalano on my wall. Those eyes. That hair. Those flannel shirts… 

Said student insisted I Google ‘Jordan Catalano’ as she had no idea who I meant (coming from a generation deprived of the pop culture classic that was My So-Called Life) and then refused to believe that he was played by Jared Leto. I mean, I can understand it – from the floppy hair and chokers to, well, this. It’s a leap. But still. I’m a librarian. You can trust me. Especially on this.

Ah, My So-Called Life. Such a legacy.

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