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Review: Pathfinder: John Charles Frémont and the Course of American Empire – Tom Chaffin

I picked up this book hoping for a biography of John Charles Frémont, a man whose exploits and explorations I’d come across numerous times in other biographies, other history books. An explorer, a presidential candidate, a Civil War general – a fascinating figure for a biographer! What I got was a book very much more about Frémont’s expeditions than it… Read more →

Neverhome – Laird Hunt

There are books without end on the American Civil War, both fiction and non-fiction, but very few of those focus on the women who fought, who defied the gender norms of their day, disguised themselves and went to fight for their country. Ash Thompson, known in another life as Constance, is one of those – leaving behind her husband and… Read more →