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Review: Elizabeth & Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics – Sarah Gristwood

Elizabeth and Leicester, the Virgin Queen and her ‘sweet Robin’, are one of the great romances of history, immortalised in history books and Hollywood movies alike. Most people have some awareness of their relationship: the great queen and the man she loved but could never marry; the age-old question of whether the Virgin Queen truly was a virgin and whether… Read more →

Review: ‘So High a Blood: The Story of Margaret Douglas, the Tudor That Time Forgot’ – Morgan Ring

Margaret Douglas is buried in Henry VII’s Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey, close to the tomb of her great-grandmother Margaret Beaufort, with whom she has much in common. History remembers both, if they are remembered at all, as dominant, forceful women, scheming and plotting to see their children crowned. How true a portrait that is can only ever be a… Read more →