The Paying Guests – Sarah Waters

I can’t quite decide how I feel about this book. I’ve read and enjoyed all of Sarah Waters’ books and this one was no exception. If you’d asked me halfway through, three-quarters, or even nine-tenths of the way through I would have said I was loving it. I could hardly put it down, I read the whole book in a day, I loved the way she kept the tension going all the way through, building and building…

And perhaps that’s part of my issue with this book. It didn’t end the way I expected it to, the way I felt the plot was building towards. It’s hard to really explain this without going into too much detail about the plot, but I found the final chapter disappointing. It was as though all this tremendous tension had built to an almost unbearable pitch and then just…dissipated. Perhaps that was the point, I don’t know. But it left me feeling deflated at the end, and disappointed, and that’s not a sensation I’m used to with a book I enjoyed reading as much as this one.

But that could just be me I wouldn’t use my own reaction as a reason for anyone to decide not to read this book, because if you’ve enjoyed Waters’ other books you will almost certainly enjoy this.

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