Vendula London…

I have lusted over Vendula London bags for a long long time now, but I’ve never quite been able to justify buying one to myself. They’re a bit above my price range for bags, as I’m normally a girl who runs cheap and cheerful, rather than expensive but quality. My parents have long joked about the fact that the difference between my brother and I can be summed in two words – quality and quantity. He’s quality, I’m quantity. He likes fine foods, fine wines, one-off but expensive gifts. I just like lots of stuff. Cheap doesn’t bother me, but the more the better. So he was the kid with the one expensive present at Christmas and I was the one with ten cheaper presents. And we were both happy!

But I digress. I was talking about bags.

I recently got a pay-rise as a result of a performance review, so what better time to reward myself with something I’ve coveted from afar for so long!

And oh dear Lord, they really are worth every penny. The detail is just exquisite. I can’t stop exclaiming over them. I bought two, the George box bag and the Chocolatiers grab bag. I really really really wanted the 1950s Diner bag too, and the Cinema Light Up bag, but I couldn’t justify buying that many. Maybe next time. Maybe Christmas? Maybe I’ll shock everyone and just want one or things for Christmas!

The bags come very well wrapped, to the point of it being the pass-the-parcel to get to the beauty inside, but that only makes it more exciting. And I was excited, folks, like a kid at Christmas. (There’s a Christmas theme emerging here – only 121 days!)

The detail and the quality of the stitching, embroidery, whatever you want to call it, just blows me away. Especially on The George. I thought when I ordered them that the Chocolatiers one would be my favourite, because anyone who knows me will tell you I am all about the cake and the chocolate – but I think I like The George better. It’s the tiny details, the fireplace, the embroidered roses, the Sunday roast board.

But of course, when I say favourite, this is like choosing between one’s children. Or what I would imagine it would be like, being blessedly child-free myself. You’d think I’d be buying expensive bags on my salary if I had offspring?

Actually, I probably would, and this is why I should never be a mother…

But I digress again. Bags. Stay on topic, girl.

But then, but then – look at the roses on the Chocolatiers bag! And the bicycle. And the little ribbons on the chocolate bunnies! *swoons*

Now I’m seeing these bags up close and in person, I can see why they cost what they do. In fact, I’m surprised they’re not more expensive, because they’re so beautifully made, so many little details, and surprisingly study too. The frame are quite rigid, the clasps are all made of sturdy brass, the straps that come with both are leather too. They’re fully lined with fun fabric that matches the theme of the bag, and they’re both quite roomy, more than enough room for wallet, phone, keys, iPad, kindle, pens and all the other assorted crap you carry around if you’re anything like me.

Basically? I’m in love, I’m going to spend the rest of the day stroking my beautiful new bags, and when I go out for dinner tomorrow night it is going to be agony to choose which to take with me…

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